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Car Body Shop

Services for Car Body work Repairs in London & Essex

Services for Car Body Repairs in London and Essex
The 6000 ft2 Accident and Crash Repairs specialist based in East London, Essex and covers all surrounding geographical areas.

Our car bodywork repair services include —

  • We offer top quality car bodywork and competitive prices. AutoPro Centre undertakes body repairs and crash repairs on any vehicle size up to a high top transit van. Our bodyshop will be happy to provide you friendly and honest advice on everything from organizing a recovery for you to major chassis damage.
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  • Our car body workshop guarantees a rapid repair, considerably reduces the time spent in the repair centre and belongs to the norm at the AutoPro Centre specialist.
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  • Repair procedures in the AutoPro Centre body workshop are modern, cost effective and with materials which reduce damage to the environment. These include repairs in accordance with vehicle value and plastic repairs.

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